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At low and middle latitudes, the SOFAR channel axis lies between 600-1200 m below the sea surface. It is deepest in the subtropics and comes to the surface in high latitudes, where the sound propagates in the surface layer. As a result, the sound waves trace a path that oscillates across the SOFAR channel axis. This principle is similar to long distance transmission of light in an optical fiber. Mysterious low-frequency sounds, attributed to humpback whales and other baleen whales, are a common occurrence in the channel. Scientists believe humpback whales may dive down to this channel and “sing” to communicate with other humpback whales many kilometers away.

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Istanbul, Turkey

Bottle Cap Collection

The So Far Channel is currently in Istanbul uncovering the mysteries of bottle cap collection.

MoKS Residency Grainer Performances

grainer perfromance 1

Here are some complied soundscape/performances culled at this summer’s MoKS Residency. The three performances were recorded live in farm grainers found on the MoKS grounds. The first two are metal and the last cement. The last cement performance  is accompanied by an impromptu wedding procession. The beeping horns and the curious children talking are part of the the original performance. Other sounds recorded in Riga and at the residency during the insect field recording sound workshop and a thunderstorm were later mixed in with the performance tracks in the studio.

grainer performance 1.mp3

grainer performance 2+3.mp3

Grainer 3

Grainer 1

Grainer 4

MoKS Residency


Work in Progress at MoKS in Estonia. Prepping for a silkscreened book and cassette tape about everything we’ve seen and done in the past four years, spanning Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Sicily, New Mexico, Old Mexico, Morocco, Spain, Estonia, rural eastern Germany, Tennessee. Rough categories for sounds and motifs are MOUNDS, CAVES and HOLES, PODS and ENCLOSURES, INTERSECTIONS, ROWS and COLLECTIONS, LIMBS and EXTREMITIES, and EM3W. What we’ve learned so far: organizing experience by shape & form is easy; paginating for a limited number of silk screens is a bitch.

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Brainstorming 1

Mara brainstorm

Max sounds

Mara ponders

Max pics

Mara Storyboards

Max Pages


A Passage to India

Passage to India, EMW3


The message to decode proper eyesight…

Project Excelsior

PROJECT EXCELSIOR was a series of high-altitude parachute jumps made by Colonel (then Captain) Joseph Kittinger of the United States Air Force (USAF) in 1959 and 1960 to test the Beaupre multi-stage parachute system. In one of these jumps Kittinger set world records for the highest parachute jump, the longest parachute drogue fall and the fastest speed (614 Miles an hour, nine-tenths the speed of sound) by a human through the atmosphere, all of which still stand.


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The SOFAR Channel traverses the 40-25 Axis

So far we are so far away from home.

Check in for periodical visits and erotic invisible empires.


Someone other than Santa is watching you.

!!Lucha Libre-Masked Warriors!! Albuquerque, NM

The Sofar Channel attends the first ever Lucha Libre Wrestling in Albuquerque on Dec. 12 2010. This kicks off a string of events at the Isleta Pueblo Hard Rock Casino for the Lucha Libre Wrestling Championships. It will be filmed live and it will be aired on MTV2!


Tentacled Creature Washes Up in Wales/ Whales

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