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!!Lucha Libre-Masked Warriors!! Albuquerque, NM

The Sofar Channel attends the first ever Lucha Libre Wrestling in Albuquerque on Dec. 12 2010. This kicks off a string of events at the Isleta Pueblo Hard Rock Casino for the Lucha Libre Wrestling Championships. It will be filmed live and it will be aired on MTV2!



Tentacled Creature Washes Up in Wales/ Whales

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The code in pancake


In the SOFAR Channel

Sound propagates in the channel by refraction of sound, which makes sound travel near the depth of slowest speed. If a sound wave propagates away from this horizontal channel, the part of the wave furthest from the channel axis travels faster, so the wave turns back toward the channel axis. As a result, the sound waves trace a path that oscillates across the SOFAR channel axis. This principle is similar to long distance transmission of light in an optical fiber.

As temperature decreases, the speed of sound decreases
As pressure (depth) increases, the speed of sound increases

Idealized profiles of temperature and pressure are shown below along with their resulting sound speed profile:

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